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Another Y 7 Launched


Another Y 7 Launched

Fortunately, life returns to sailing and into marinas.

It is in these very days that Y Yachts has launched in Germany the Y7 No. 10 hull, which will be presented at the Cannes Boat Show in early September.

On their way to the Mediterranean, the shipyard’s crew will test a new safety feature called OSCAR, a system detecting obstacles on the course that are not visible from radar or sonars.

Connected to the autopilot, the system automatically changes course to avoid collision with invisible objects. A smart idea!

If you are interested in a test sail or require more specific information about
Y Yachts’ model, you can contact us at Cala Galera Marina office.

In addition to the above news, we are happy that the German government is temporarily reducing VAT by 3% to only 16%, which is a positive incentive for any private buyer.

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