All owner’s needs are taken care of, both for yacht and crew management and new build consultancy.

Wind Yachts have worked closely with shipyards, designers, naval architects, captains and suppliers.

We provide valuable advice on new builds that will lead you through the choice of the different models, sizes and materials to identify your perfect yacht.
The consultancy creates a precious and essential link between client and shipyard. A point of connection between the future owner’s needs and the challenges that typically arise during new construction.

Wind Yachts’ experience in brokerage can help you safely choose the most appropriate shipyard for your project, which architects and designers to rely on, which technical solutions are best suited to guarantee your investment over time.
A careful eye on the future throughout the construction ensures that a new yacht has the necessary re-saleability to make it also a good investment.

Wind Yachts offers a specific service of nautical surveys, including insurance and legal reports.

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To developing a yacht construction as a project manager or surveyor means being familiar and knowing how to deal in-depth with all the aspects concerning its build, from the concept to the technical and design phases, up to the skilled technicians who can efficiently take care of.


Deep refitting may sound like a renaissance. A radical process that in some cases amounts to reconstruction. But even in less drastic situations, many aspects are involved, from installations and fittings to furnishings, so that only an experienced professional can guarantee the smooth management of the whole.


A racing yacht competing at a high level needs a boat and crew coordination, which leaves the owner and the recruited athletes just the thought of getting the best possible performance. Here you need a professional to take care of everything is ahead of the event: from the tonnage up to people’s accommodation.


Whatever concerns the management of a yacht. From safety on board, to crew management, from financial administration to technical support and the extensive documentation required for a pleasure vessel.


Whether it is a leasing or a particular insurance need, there are many elements to take into account when dealing with the sale and purchase of a yacht. This also applies when the yacht is offered on the charter market during periods when the owner does not use it.