Whether it’s new construction, a refitting job or just preparing for a demanding cruise, the project will take shape at best with the help of a Project Manager.

The aspects related to these activities are such and so many that only an expert professional can follow the regular development of the construction process and provide the customer with maximum efficiency and complete peace of mind.

The task starts from precise planning of the work to be carried out according to the shipowners’ requests and the budget allocated. Good project management practice involves, first of all, in-depth dialogue with the shipowner, or his representative, from which to establish which professionals to involve: from designers to shipyards to various suppliers.
For large projects there can be many professional figures, even, only related to the design: naval architecture, superstructure and interiors.

Specifically, we refer to the surveyor when a project manager oversees the owner’s interests.
A good project manager or surveyor knows the critical issues to be addressed for each type of yacht.
Each construction system: wood, metal or composite has specific features as well as
the various facilities and services that have been selected.


A job well done is for the benefit of guests and crew, but also for future buyers.

Wind Yachts offers the experience of people and companies of the highest-profile.


Francesco Ceccarelli boasts an extended family presence
in the industry with over 200 constructions,
fifty of them aluminium yachts from 30 to 54 metres.

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