However well built, over time each yacht loses some of its aesthetic and functional qualities.
Continuous use, especially if intense, and one of the most aggressive environments ever due to humidity, saltiness and relentless sun, put a strain on and often weaken even the most resistant building materials.

It is only regular that after several years the wood, furnishings and on-board equipment will need radical intervention.
Refitting can be a complicated task that does not differ from the project management for the construction of a new yacht.
We can also manage extensive yacht refitting, taking care of every bureaucratic, legal and technical aspect.

From the list of works to be performed to the choice of architects, designers, structural engineers entrusted with the different operations, we’ll take care of everything including the most suitable shipyard to carry out the works and the suppliers for various needs.
Only experienced professionals will follow the refit implementation as well as the observance of estimated time and budget.

Thanks to our partnership with Nettuno srl and Francesco Ceccarelli we rely on shipyard facilities in Lavagna and Genoa, tooled up to perform any type of assignment: from whole repaintings to interiors fittings and refurbishment, and mechanical maintenance.


A long family tradition in the industry,
boasting over 200 constructions,
fifty of them aluminium yachts.
from 30 to 54 meters.

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A refurbished yacht brings multiple benefits, whether for her owners’ durable use, her potential sale or successful activity in the charter market.
Having a yacht refurbished with a series of interventions that renew her aesthetics, technical characteristics or both, turns into a long list of advantages for the well-being of owners,  guests and crew.
The first of which is to extend her useful life and maintain value over time.

The need for renewal is suggested by technological evolution. Over the years, engines, systems and services related to comfort, entertainment and navigation equipment have evolved, becoming more efficient in terms of consumption and performance.
But sometimes the decision to upgrade is motivated by the need to have the yacht immediately ready for use instead of waiting to find the ideal vessel or a new build. So a newly refurbished craft may be the best way to adapt a yacht more quickly to your needs, tastes and desires.