The simpler the boat, the purer the sailing experience and the greater the pleasure. Discover the reliability, safety and comfort that comes with the ‘keep it simple’ concept.

Y Yachts have always had a clear and unambiguous goal: to use the best technology available to simplify sailing and put the joy back into the experience.
Fast hull designs, the latest materials, exacting engineering and outstanding craftsmanship make any Y Yachts ideal for occasional racing, lazy summer afternoon cruises as well as serious passage making.

Behind the creation of a “visionary” brand such as Y Yachts stands Michael Schmidt Yachtbau and its founder Michael Schmidt. A passionate regatta sailor himself, he was a protagonist in the German challenges of the Admiral’s Cup in the 1980s, then founder and manager of a series boat manufacturer giant such as Hanse Yachts.

In 1990 he founded the Hanse shipyard in an old warehouse in Greifswald. Initially, the shipyard was mainly involved in repairs, but soon the outlook would change. His goal is clear, Schmidt wants to propose something new, not racing boats, but comfortable models that sail extremely well and do not cost much.
To do this he needed an industrial production model and innovative designers: the choice fell on two names that would soon become prominent: Friedrich Judel and Rolf Vrolijk.
The 1994 Hamburg Salon would be a success. The milestone of a series boatyard that would become a world colossus.

In 2011 Schmidt decided to leave and sell Hanse, but he doesn’t intend to stop.
He still wants to produce boats and the right opportunity comes when,  looking for a private sailing yacht, he eventually decided to build his perfect sailing yacht himself. 2014 marked the birth of YYachts.

But this time he is not to worry about the series market. He simply wants to produce his boats, the ones he likes, boats with a very refined design, with unconventional stylistic touches. Fast and luxurious sailing yachts made of carbon with a modern and clear design that stands out in any harbour.

This is how Y Yachts was born, with Italian designers such as Lorenzo Argento and Luca Brenta as protagonists and a German production as a quality label. An out-of-the-ordinary brand that will not cease to surprise us also in future projects.

Wind Yachts

Y9 Y Yachts

27.40 m

Y Yachts - 2021

Y8 Y Yachts

23.99 m

Y Yachts - 2020

Y7 Y Yachts

21.68 m

Y Yachts - 2020

YX7 Explorer

22.56 m

Y Yachts - 2020