• Semi-classic Motoryacht with oceanic range
  • Steel hull refurbished 2020
  • CAT engines certified under warranty
  • New and fully customizable interiors
  • Specifications according to the customer’s request
This is a complete rebuild and restyling of a year 2007, semi-classic Motoryacht Orizzonte 88.

Steel hulled with aluminum superstructure the project was drawn by Werner Yacht Design and built at Orizzonte Shipping BV, Netherland in compliance with the highest Lloyd’s SSc class and Malta cross-certification

With a late 1960’s styling, the Werner semi-classic Orizzonte ’88 combines timeless elegance with excellent sea keeping capabilities. Large tanks’ capacity ensures excellent autonomy and a range also suitable for ocean crossing.

The yacht stability curve allows for a smooth ride and a constant speed when sailing off-shore,  while fine sections at the bow make the yacht pierce through incoming waves and rough sea.
At the same time, the entire project managed to keep the draught to an absolute minimum, making even shallow inland waters accessible.

At present, her hull and deck have been completely refurbished.
The twin CAT engines and mechanics overhauled and certified under warranty.
Interiors are still fully customizable, with different layouts available for the new owners’ choice and needs.
The project is managed by experienced professionals in shipbuilding and design.


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