Hull repainted 2005 | Superstructures repainted 2011 | Replaced new bushings propeller shafts 2010
Replaced new chains 2010 | Fitted stabilizing fins (zero speed) 2013 |Fitted a new compactor for galley 2013
Fitted a new washing and dry machine Ariston 2013 | Replaced a new burner hob Siemens 2013
Replaced bow-thruster hydrosystem with another enhanced with double idraulic pump on main engines 2014
Replaced all spotlights 24 volt with type LED 2015 | Replaced a new Port d/g 28 kw kohler EFOZD 2015
Stb d/g 28 kw kohler overhauled injection pump and replaced all injectors 2015
Replaced new pump wc system 2015 | Replaced new battery dd/gg 2015
Replaced new battery service 2016 | Modified the Vip cabin, a full beam room, in two Vip cabins with two queen sized beds and built a new en suite bathroom instead of the wardrobe 2015

Controllo lamiere ultrasuoni 2018 – Scafo riverniciato 2018 – Teak 2019

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