In a sector of perpetual motion as the sea
Wind Yachts proves an agile company.
Active and open to an always updated vision of the nautical world.

Wind Yachts was launched in 2010 but at its opening it had already
20 years of experience guaranteed by its two founders:
Marica Lippa and Daniele Botticini

A further decade of activity, at the Argentario in the Marina of Cala Galera, handling the trade and dealership of well-known shipyards, has made Wind Yachts an international benchmark for the sale of new and used boats, custom projects as well as nautical and insurance consulting services.

In the mare magnum of agencies and nautical brokers, the work of the Tuscan company can be condensed into precise strongholds, four genuine cornerstones permanently set in place


Be it the technical complexity of sailing or the advanced technology of a motor yacht.
The equipment serving a sail plan or the power expressed by engines driven by high-tech surface propellers.
Different worlds meet in the same passion for boating.
Wind Yachts holds the authority to deal with every kind of craft with special competence in sailing that makes it properly fitted in the nautical industry and able to fulfil its offer.


The accuracy and precision that comes from mastering procedures have given Wind Yachts the confidence of customers even in the most demanding international transactions.
From pre-sale agreements to closing, know-how and assistance at every stage of the negotiation protect and guarantee the peace of mind that is necessary when making an important choice such as the purchase of a new or used boat.


At Wind Yachts, precision and planning have as a complementary quality the ability to handle contingencies.
Planning, foreseeing, managing and maintaining can sometimes collide with circumstances that change unexpectedly.
In these cases, the ability to complete the puzzle with the elements you have in hand becomes crucial, putting the parties back in a position to continue and complete a transaction or to enjoy their holidays.


In a small and dense world like that of yachting, Wind Yachts has always embraced the philosophy of good relations.
Over time tt has therefore built up a network of contacts useful to provide the necessary services and professional support.
Maintenance and refitting, berths and storage, management and crew personnel operate a network of fundamental services that Wind Yachts can really count on for the benefit of its customers.

With its headquarters in the Marina Cala Galera, Porto Ercole,
Wind Yachts rely on a unique scenario,
the magic of Argentario a stone's throw from Rome,
to create a common thread between sea, history and Italian tradition.