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Marina di Cala Galera, 22 Porto Ercole
58018 Monte Argentario (GR) Italia

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Marina di Cala Galera, 22 Porto Ercole
58018 Monte Argentario (GR) Italia

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Coming from different backgrounds, the co-founders of Wind Yachts have managed to harmonise and merge different skills with a dedication that has led to constant and continuous growth.

Today, Wind Yachts’ offer is aimed at the top end of the nautical market, with a particular focus on custom-built sailing yachts. This applies both to the purchase of a new yacht and to its services as an agent in the sale and purchase of second-hand yachts and as an operator in the charter market.


Marica Lippa

Marica starts to deal with yachting as an evolution of previous activities in the tourism sector and the approach is with the charters. Initially, she is in charge of managing yacht charter.  This gave her familiarity with the more formal and streamlined aspects, facilitated by the organizational rigour that is typical to her. A quality much appreciated by the international clientele.

At Wind Yachts, she deals with the brokerage, whose operational and bureaucratic procedures she knows in depth. Precise and reassuring she is the interface between the client and all the other interlocutors: administrations, crews, technicians as well as the different international partners

Daniele Botticini

Daniele Botticini

His involvement in the world of yachting stems from his passion for competitive sailing and navigation. He is a navigator with several Atlantic crossings and offshore races to his credit. A genuine enthusiasm guides him in materializing the boat owner’s object of desire. With clear and outstanding data, such as budget and utilisation criteria, Daniele Botticini is able to understand which is the perfect boat for the person in front of him. And all this is the result of his long personal experience in the nautical field.

In over 30 years as a commercial consultant, he has been a dealer for the most famous sail and motor shipbuilders. He is Technical Consultant for the Court and Naval Expert. His innate ability is to create long and fruitful relationships both with those who have to sell or buy a yacht and with the operators who provide any service for the nautical industry.


Francesco Ceccarelli

Francesco Ceccarelli can boast a long family presence in the Italian yachting and naval industry.
His vast experience in shipbuilding has earned him a career that counts hundreds of boats built at the Cantieri di Lavagna.
His business card consists explicitly of 50 aluminium yachts from 30 to 54 metres, sailing the seas and turning heads in any harbour

Mobile +39 345 186 8071



Ettore Botticini

Four world titles and a number of national awards combined with his technical expertise in marine engineering make Ettore Botticini a complete professional. At the top of international rankings, he is known in sporting circles for his reliability and skills.

Mobile +39 340 3418654

Ettore Botticini


Christopher Allegri

Active in the nautical sector for several years. With enthusiasm and expertise, Christopher has been able to build a network to provide his customers with the best advice and commercial support.

Mobile +39 333 6994709



Beatrice Rosi

Social Media


Marco Scanu

Media Marketing

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