Toy Marine was founded in late 2002 by Alessandro Novella and Aldo Tomasina. Their idea was to create stylish, classic motorboats that did not look outdated, but each element was carefully thought out to balance tradition and design.

In a Toy Marine’s bloodline, state-of-the-art technology is placed in a timeless stylistic context. Comfortable and reliable in all sea conditions, their deep V keel is designed to surf incoming waves and ensure course stability even in rough seas as well as a constant running trim at all speeds.

The historical model of reference to which Toys’ production initially inspires, is represented by the American boats that in the ’30s, from workboats, began to transform themselves to satisfy the desires of Yankee rich middle-class and motorboats enthusiasts.

The reinterpretations of the traditional Lobster Boats, typical of the coasts of Maine, are flanked by Fast Commuters yachts with high performance and legendary seaworthiness.
But alongside the inspiration that comes from overseas, there is another important creative source:
the Italian shipbuilding tradition of the 60s that produced extremely elegant boats, characterized by high-quality finishes.

The first Toy 36 stems with the design of Nauta Yachts, followed soon by the rest of the range.
There are several models proposed today, which in addition to the progenitor include:
Toy 36 Fly, Toy 47 Tender, Toy 51, Toy 51 Fly, Toy 68, plus the Toy 110 project.

TOY 68

20.46 m

Toy Marine - 2020

TOY 51

15.74 m

Toy Marine - 2019

TOY 47

14.42 m

Toy Marine - 2020

TOY 36 Fly

11.65 m

Toy Marine - 2020

TOY 36

11.00 m

Toy Marine -