Toy Marine was established at the end of 2002 by Alessandro Novella and Aldo Tomasina. Their idea was to create elegant marine motor boats, classic but not dated, with every element carefully thought out to balance tradition and design.

This was the origin of Toy Marine, technologically avant-garde boats, featuring all the solutions that are indispensable for making life on board a pleasure. The deep V hull guarantees comfort and seaworthiness in every condition, making our boats safe and reliable. The inspiration for the design came from the American boats of the 30s, Lobster Boats and Fast Commuters, with their high performance and legendary seaworthiness. Another important source was the tradition of Italian boatyards of the 60s that produced extremely elegant yachts with a very high quality finish. The first Toy 36 was born with this combination of styles, followed by the rest of the range that has evolved until the latest Toy 36 Fly and Toy 51 Fly.

TOY 68

20.46 m

Toy Marine - 2020

TOY 51

15.74 m

Toy Marine - 2019

TOY 47

14.42 m

Toy Marine - 2020

TOY 36 Fly

11.65 m

Toy Marine - 2020

TOY 36

11.00 m

Toy Marine -